Celebrate 60 Years of "Hymn to Freedom" with Benny Green, John Clayton & Jeff Hamilton

Oscar Peterson composed “Hymn to Freedom” on the spot in a recording studio on December 16th, 1962, little knowing the impact this one piece of music would have. It is performed by people all around the world, reaching deeply into our cores with its musical prayer for peace, love, and freedom. Commemorating the 60th anniversary of this composition, we present a brand-new recording of “Hymn to Freedom” performed by a very special trio, and this video to accompany the recording. It is our hope that Oscar’s “Hymn” will continue to inspire us all to greater compassion, to spread love and peace, and to create a world where people everywhere live without fear, in freedom.

Very special thanks to Benny Green, John Clayton, and Jeff Hamilton for their performances. Thanks also to Steve Genewick, Vic Janacua, Paul Jackson, Gail Boyd, Celine Peterson, Jim Welter, Joe LaRusso, Alex Frankel, Teri Meredyth, and all the team at Mack Avenue Records. Bösendorfer 280VC courtesy of Yamaha Canada Music Ltd.